We are of course a charity, so any donation, no matter how small is most welcome.
Our current target is £15,000 per year which will go towards keeping shopping fares low (currently £2.50) for our elderly and disabled passengers.
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We have recently suffered cuts to our funding, and in reality should be charging nearer £5 trip, as well as making charges for wheelchairs, scooters and assistants. We really don’t want to do that  – most pensioners travel free on the buses with their freedom passes, so it would be terribly unfair for us to have to charge so much more and further penalise those who need additional help. We know the people who need us most would struggle to pay and would stop coming!
So please dig deep and help.
You can donate on line on our Virgin Giving Page – which is great because it means we can get the tax back if you are a tax payer – follow the link below.
OR send donations made payable to Wandsworth Community Transport to
Wandsworth Community Transport
1b Yukon Road
SW12 9PZ
If you would like to make a regular donation to WCT by Direct Debit,  contact Manuel on 020 8675 7460 or e-mail:
You can also help WCT to continue its valuable work by including us in your Will or by making a donation to honour a loved one who has passed away and who enjoyed our services.
This is a very fulfilling way to show your support and will be greatly appreciated.
If you need some help organising this, again contact Manuel as above.