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Council contract extended until 2013

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Wandsworth Community Transport are delighted to report that their contract with the Council has been extended for another 5 years to 2013 and would like to take this opportunity to thank the Council for their continued support and trust.

“It’s great news for all our members” said Managing Director Manuel Button, “and we can promise that we will continue to deliver top quality services to the people of Wandsworth and take every opportunity to draw in additional funding and expand our range of services.

In particular we see door-to-door transport for elderly and disabled people as a growth area. Growing dissatisfaction with Dial-a-Ride and Taxi Card seems to be heading towards a system where other providers like ourselves are brought in to meet demand. We firmly believe that local demand met by local organisations provides a much better service and we think we have much to offer.

Regarding the future, the security of a 5 year contract will really help us develop our business plans, but remember, we rely on the people of Wandsworth (who are all our potential members) to tell us where the needs are and what we can do to help. We are always ready for a challenge and to solve new problems. School runs, social car schemes, plus buses, car sharing and specialised training are just a few additional areas we work in. We do much more than just hire out minibuses.

Wandsworth Community Transport receives prestiguous ‘Wandsworth Business Award for Outstanding Customer Care’

Monday, November 1st, 2004

This was awarded to its Shopmobility Project and is another feather in the cap for this higly respected service.

“The credit is again mainly due to our marvellous team of volunteers, who look after our elderly and disabled passengers, pushing wheelchairs, giving a helping arm, and loading the shopping trolleys” said Shopmobility Manager Marcia Millington.

“But what makes them special is the extra they give, which is so much more than just helping people with their shopping! For many of our passenegrs, their weekly trip out is the only time they get out from within the prison of their four walls, and the friendship, care and company they receive from their regular volunteers makes a huge difference in their lives. Many develop long lasting relationships which go far beyond the basic requirements of helping them shop, and it is this level of extra attention that has made our volunteers worthy winners of this award for “Outstanding Customer Care.”

Wandsworth Community Transport is also particularly pleased to receive recognition as a “Business”. For too long the voluntary sector has been perceived as well meaning amateurs who try their best to help. This is far from the case. We are the new breed of Social Enterprises that compete in the open market to provide the highest level of services, whilst still promoting equality of opportunity for staff, volunteers and service users. All the money we get, be it from grant, contract or donation, goes to make us the best rather than to pay shareholders – and it shows!